24/7 – Starting with a Seed

"The Sower" Van Gogh
“The Sower” Van Gogh

“A farmer went out to sow his seed...” Matt. 13: 1-9

Whether I come to Christ with the innocence of a child (Mark 10:14), the boldness of a Canaanite woman (Matt. 15), the tears of a repentant (Luke 7: 36-50) or the curiosity of a theologian (John 3), he meets me where I am and will be sure to both support and challenge (Matt. 16: 13-23). Then I either continue or turn away. (Luke 18: 18-23; John 6: 56 – 66).

Faith isn’t a belief system, it’s a relationship. And it’s not just an introduction, it’s a long walk.

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