The Law on Trial 1

The Democrats won’t let go of Russian collusion. And the Epstein death will be dragged into conspiracy by the Republicans.
But justice must be served. So virtue and guilt are endlessly debated.
“You know how to forecast the weather,” Jesus told the legal pretenders who were distracted by their own set of current events (Luke 13:1-5). “Why can’t you determine what is right?” he asked, advising settlement over a court case (see Luke 12:54-59).
News headlines, opinion shows, common gossip… they only make sport of the conflict. Maybe we should just put the cause of what’s right to a vote and finally be done with it!
So finding the captive innocent—but still at odds with the accusers—Pilate addressed the people one last time. Then he washed his hands in front of them… (Matt. 27)