That Judgment Thing 2… Matt. 5: 21-22

"Woman Holding a Balance" by Johannes Vermeer
“Woman Holding a Balance” by Johannes Vermeer

Judgment = The thoughtful determination of what is right and what is wrong. (i.e. the fruit of knowing good and evil.)

Now, read Matt 5:21-22 and consider this:

Murder would not be, but for the anger.

Anger would not be, but for the judgment.

And while murder and anger might find me in court, it’s calling someone a fool that puts me in danger of the fires of hell.  Just an innocent judgment?

“Judge not…,” Jesus warned.

But people don’t want to hear this.

Given a three-step process: judgment to emotion to action, I’d rather deal with the action and emotion than nip it in the bud. That way I can feel like I’m doing something.

But to side-step the judgment – or to disregard my thoughtful determination of good and evil – that takes  faith.

And will provoke a renewing of the mind.

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