A Tale of Two Trees I

"Arc de Treeomph" by Kent Brewer
“Arc de Treeomph” by Kent Brewer

The Gospel, the Bible, indeed, the history of the world
is a tale of two trees.

It’s told in the epic story
of a bride, a bridegroom
and a wedding feast.

And it’s all summed up
in a simple prayer
that Jesus taught his disciples.

I dare say that in this, is explained the answer
to all the questions of the universe.

I’m an artist – a painter and sketcher mostly. A few years back when I began my fine art website, I included a biblical verse on the home page. Romans 1:20. It speaks of how God’s invisible attributes are revealed in the things he has made. “What does that mean?” I thought. I really had no idea.

Beware of asking sincere questions.

This blog is one of explanation. Things I’ve observed and discovered and learned along the way—although to be honest, I really haven’t learned a thing. I’m just seeing things differently.

So to begin:

The only thing I believe is that God is:

If my wife wakes me in the morning and tells me the sun is shining, it might take belief to go out the door and see for myself. But once outside, it takes no belief for the sun to light my way and to feel the comfort of its warmth.

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